Initially proposed by members of the ESA Space Weather Working Team (SWWT) at the SWWT meeting held on 18 Dec. 2002 at ESA/ESTEC, the "Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets (EOEM)" topical group is one of the SWWT topical groups:

  • Fundamental Research (e.g. solar, S-T, including future missions and instrumentation)
  • Ground Effects (GIC, prospecting, tourism)
  • Atmospheric Effects (incl. Drag)
  • Ionospheric Effects
  • Spacecraft & Aircraft Environments
  • Programmatics
  • Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets (EOEM)



  • To cover education (primary to university), both formally (e.g. schooling, textbooks, etc.) and informally (e.g. museums, webcasts, etc.) services.
  • To cover public outreach activities (e.g. TV/radio programs, popular books, etc.).
  • To cover emerging space weather markets by acting as umbrella for markets until they are "mature enough" to have a topical group of their own in the context of a European space weather program.


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