Emerging Markets

There are many emerging markets where space weather research is of importance. For example aurora tourism relies on the prediction of magnetospheric disturbances. In the future manned missions to other planets (e.g. Mars) will rely heavily on knowledge obtained from return missions to the Moon.


  • Insurance companies (e.g. airlines, spaceraft, electrical power companies)
  • Aurora tourism on Earth
  • Space weather and Earth's climate
  • Space weather and human health
  • Return to the Moon.
  • Space tourism (e.g. Space Adventures, Virgin Galactic, etc.)

In 2004 SpaceShipOne was the first private space tourism spaceship to fly above the 100-km Kármán line.


  • Space tourism cont.
  • Manned missions to other planets
  • Colonies on other planets (e.g. Mars)


Aurora Programme
The European Space Exploration Programme Aurora. Picture Credits: ESA


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