Space Weather: Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets

The "Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets (EOEM)" topical group is one of ESA's Space Weather Working Team topical groups. EOEM concerns education (primary to university), public outreach activities and emerging markets in the space weather field. Read background information about EOEM.


"I Love My Sun"

The main objective of the "I Love My Sun" initiative is to make children (age group 7-11 years old) aware of Space Weather, Sun, Sun-Earth relations and of how they, the children, are part of this global picture. An "I Love My Sun" event is divided into three parts:

  1. Children are asked to draw the Sun as they perceive it.
  2. Basic set of lectures on the Sun and space weather are given to the children.
  3. Children are asked to draw the Sun again.

In Nov. 2010 the "I Love My Sun" Exhibition was held at the Seventh European Space Weather Week meeting and displayed drawings based on two "I Love My Sun" events. Posters from this exhibition are presented below.


[1.] Yurdanur Tulunay from METU (Middle East Technical University) held an "I Love My Sun" event at the private school Baskent Universitesi Kolej  Ayseabla Okullari in Ankara, Turkey on 22 March 2010.

[2.] Stijn Calders from BIRA-IASB (Belgian Institue for Space Aeronomy) held an "I Love My Sun" event at the public observatory Urania in Antwerp, Belgium on 2 October 2010.

Read more about "I Love My Sun" and how to organise your own "I Love My Sun" event



  • Dr. Pål Brekke, Senior Advisor from the Norwegian Space Centre, has written the book "Sola – vår livgivende stjerne". It is a book filled with much information and looks at how our closest star works. A star which provides energy for life, generates the beautiful northern lights and influences our society in many ways.

Included is a CD full of movies and animations, as well as student activities. This book is for anybody who wants to understand how our closest star works. Currently available in Norwegean.

  • The aim of the HAMLET FP7 Project [Human Model MATROSHKA for Radiation Exposure Determination of Astronauts] is the effective scientific exploitation of data obtained from the ESA MATROSHKA project. This will be achieved by bringing together leading European scientists in the field of space dosimetry to increase and enhance the output of the project and present it to the European scientific community as well as the public audience.

The intention of the HAMLET "Public Outreach Activity Days" is the presentation of the "science background", the "current state of research" and the "further planned activities" of the group to a scientific interested public audience.


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