Topical Group Meetings

EOEM Topical Group Meeting held during 6th European Space Weather Week, on Thursday 19 November 2009, 16:30-18:00

The splinter meeting was convened by Norma Crosby (BIRA-IASB) and was well attended. A diverse range of interesting presentations were given, emphasising that there is a large interest in the space weather community for these types of activities. Cubesats are becoming very popular and are ideal hands-on educational projects for students (e.g. Vega maiden flight). COSPAR capacity building workshops are organised with various partners in order to convey practical knowledge in areas of interest to COSPAR and to build lasting bridges between scientists. Having students draw the Sun as they see / understand it (before and after having heard a lecture about the Sun) is a way to evaluate the students as well as the lecturer. BRAMS is a network of radio receiving stations located in Belgium and the goals are both for scientific research as well as for outreach activities (popularise radio observations of meteors). Space tourism is indeed a growing space weather market as was seen by the ongoing activities in Kiruna.


[1.] “ESA Educational Space Weather Projects” by Piero Galeone (Education Satellite Project Manager, ESA Education Office)

[2.] “COSPAR capacity building workshops” by Alexi Glover

[3.] “I Love my Sun-2” by Yurdanur Tulunay

[4.] “BRAMS, the Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations” by Hervé Lamy

[5.] “Space Tourism and Activities in Kiruna” by Lars Eliasson



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